Infant Todler care in Hamilton

Child Care and Education
17 November 2021


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Home away from home with a play-based philosophy from birth to preschool. We strive to.... create a fun and welcoming environment which promotes curiosity and independence and empowers children to explore - setting a solid foundation for becoming lifelong learners. Our program aims for the highest ideals in holistic care and education., recognizing the diverse cultures within our community and the special place of our dual heritage in Aotearoa. Relationships are of paramount importance. Fostering respectful and nurturing relationships between all the individuals in our center community, children, teachers, and parents is a core focus. We are licensed for 50 children per day, with no more than 20 children under 2 years old. The owner is involved in the day-to-day running of the center. With our small roll number and open plan layout, the younger children will gain so much learning from the older children. Siblings over 2 years old can learn and grow together.

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