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19 January 2021


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Woola, a perfect destination for all natural handcrafted in New Zealand high-quality sleep products made from 100% natural products, natural new Zealand made sleep Products. ‘Nature is the best’. Woola has always believed in this saying, and hence we have made it possible to introduce the most sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our team ensures to provide the best quality natural products, which are sources from sustainable resources. From pillows, mattresses, duvet, to mattress topper, there is a lot that we have listed for our dearest customers. Ours is an attempt to make sure that somehow nature can be saved from fulfilling human needs. Hence, we have introduced high-quality woolen and latex origin products. This initiative of manufacturing sustainable products aims at highlighting that natural products like wool are eco-friendly, fashionable, and durable. You will be glad to know that Woola has made sure you can get this huge range of products at a very reasonable price. The three main fibers used by Woola are cotton, hemp, and linen. All of these are individually contributing in a different way. For example, cotton is ideal for its softness, hemp is known for the antimicrobial properties, and linen is perfect for providing strength to the products. The experts here at Woola are constantly working to make sure that you can get an amazing product. Products that you get here are 100% certified, long-lasting, mold-resistant, regulates temperature, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and so much more. Woola promises to provide all its buyers with excellent quality and sustainable bedding essentials to ease your sleeping times. Glad to inform you that we can export it all over the world without any trouble.

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Natural handcrafted in New Zealand


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