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14 January 2022


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Are you on the lookout for cars for sale in Wellington? Want to upgrade your mode of transportation? Then look no further than Kiwi Auto Motors; one of the most trusted car dealers in Wellington! We have some of the best used cars for sale in Wellington, whether you want a hatchback, sedan or even a luxury European car. We have a wide range of vehicles, imported from trusted sources and kept for car sales in Wellington only following careful scrutiny of the vehicle, to ensure that you get only the best. Whether you want to buy your first car, or even upgrade your existing vehicle, we have the cheapest and best options around. In addition to car sales in Wellington, we also provide a number of other services to our clients, including car service in Wellington (for all types of vehicles including European cars) as well as car repairs in Wellington. Our team of well experienced professional mechanics are ever ready to ensure that you car runs smoothly without a problem. Financing a problem? Don’t let that worry you! We can provide facilities for financing through our partner financiers, arranging a payment plan that best suits your lifestyle and income. Even if you have a bad credit history, or are a student license holder, we can still arrange a plan for you, so that you can own your very own car, get your car service in Wellington or even for your car repairs. In addition, we can also provide insurance facilities for all your needs through our partner insurers. So, the next time you are looking for cars for sale in Wellington, whichever type of vehicle it is, don’t look further than the most reliable and cheapest car dealers in Wellington; Kiwi Auto Motors, for 360-degree vehicle solutions. Kiwi Auto Motors – Probably the best One Stop Car Shop around!

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