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15 June 2020


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Are you looking for bag sealers for your food processing facility in NZ? Do you need a bag sealer for a different application? We’ve got what you are looking for at Sifco Distributors. The bag sealers we offer are easy to operate and result in your produce being inside a securely sealed, water-tight bag. The whole process takes just seconds, speeding up production and ensuring maximum efficiency. We have air-powered options that have a semi-automatic operation as well as bag sealers that are manually operated by pulling a lever. They are suitable for meat and poultry bags, packaging for fish, ice packaging, and more. Other features of our range of bag sealers include: • Cutter switch for clean cuts or to give you the option of adding a label • Ensures watertight seals to protect your produce • Closed with aluminium staples that are easy to reload • Height adjustable according to your requirements Plus, the bag sealers we supply throughout NZ come with clamps so you can fix the tool to a bench. Start browsing the options available now and place your order securely right here on our website. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, call us on 09 828 2019 or 03 358 8135. For more info:

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