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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

How to update my business listing?

I am logged-in

1. Go to Menu and click on Profile.

2. On your profile page click on the Edit profile button.

3. When you are done making changes, click on the Save button.

I am logged-out

1. Go to your listing and click on any of the Edit links.

2. Make your desired changes

Remember to enter your email address and a new password. On the bottom of the edit page you have the option to feature your listing (Pro for businesses) or continue the limited free edition.

3. Click on the Continue button.

4. Publish your updates.

If you decided to feature your listing: Enter the billing details and finish the payment process.

If you decided to continue a limited free listing, click on the Done button to submit your updates. We will approve or reject the updates within a few days. In some cases we will ask you for additional documents to verify the business ownership. You have the option to upload any relevant supporting documents.

5. Done, your updates have been saved.

How to remove my business listing?

I am logged-in

1. Go to Menu and click on My listings. In the My business listing section click on the Delete button.

2. Click on Delete again to confirm. Done, your business listing has been removed.

I am logged-out or cannot remember the login details

1. Go to your business listing and click on Request removal.

2. 2. Fill out the request removal form and click on Continue. Done! Your removal request has been submitted.

How to get PRO for my business?

1. Go to and click on the Renew your listing button.

2. Choose you payment method and click on the Renew now button. Done, you now have a PRO business listing.

How to cancel my PRO plan?

1. If you choose to cancel your PRO plan before the monthly or annual renewal date, you can do so by going to the settings page, open the billing tab and click on the Cancel your listing link in the current status section.

2. Then click Continue and confirm your decision. Done! Your listing is now canceled. Your Pro status and benefits will remain active until the end of your listing's billing cycle (monthly or annual).