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Reliable Mobile Phone Repairs
Has your mobile phone developed a fault? Is the screen on your phone cracked or smashed? Does your mobile phone run so slow it’s impossible to use, or does it have a virus? We can help with all these problems at more at our conveniently located repair shop in North Shore. At FreeTech, we offer expert, fast, and effective mobile phone repairs in North Shore. This includes the best Samsung and iPhone screen repair service in Auckland. For many phone problems, we can fix while you wait. All you need to do is book an appointment with one of our technicians who will be ready and waiting when you arrive. This will ensure you will be without your phone for as little time as possible. Mobile phone repairs usually take a little longer, but we can repair most problems quickly to get you back up and running sooner than you think. Welcome to FreeTech, We sell Mobile phones and accessories at a retail and wholesale price. We also provide a Phone, Tablet, Computer and Laptop repair service. Visit our website for more products and information. Please have a look at our listings, and enjoy. For more info, visit our website:-
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